Christine J. Noble

I need Mommy. That is what I need first and foremost. Mommy gave me life. My family gives me passion. Brooklyn gives me a home. Growing up, I learned at a very early age to never stop learning. Remember each of your struggles and the struggle of those who came before you. Always keep focus on what you aspire to be. However, whatever steps you take, your family must be beside you for when you need or want comfort, strength or protection.

Being an Artist has taught me to confront my fears. Do panic and anxiety creep in and flood my being? Yes. Does being vulnerable give me greater chances of being mocked or scarred? Yes. But I need to use that fear, that panic, that anxiety, to make sure my character effects the viewer viscerally, carnally. To make sure that I can hit that bass note in front of an audience. To make sure that the reader feels an explosion of emotion while reading my words. To move someone deeply by seeing the world through my eyes.

The Arts give me breath. They allow me to release passion, and anger, and all the other emotions, that may overcome others while I interact with them, but fuel my creativity. Even those that know me on a personal level tend to say I am a bit much at times, which I understand without offense. I believe that a person who is a raw, emotional human being cannot be fit into any type of box or characterization. I know I cannot. Others, as well, cannot. Which is why acting and writing gives me the freedom I search for and need.